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Grocery stores, warehouses and clubs will be busy this week, with further restrictions announced for Sunday. 'Governor Gretchen Whitmer is only allowing grocery stores and other retail outlets to reopen nationwide by appointment, 'the statement said. Retail locations and those in contact with them must comply with the security guidelines set out in Whitner's Executive Order. These sites need to be cleaned and disinfected more thoroughly, while using personal protective equipment, including masks, in the house and staying just 6 metres apart.

Just ask Bill Monaghan, a longtime Wyandotte resident who often walks downtown with his wife and two children. Monaghans and a Ford employee are the owners of the three-story art gallery, which focuses on exhibiting local and regional artists.

Opened in 2013, the store offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, homewares and accessories, as well as products from around the world, locally and throughout Michigan. Bright, spacious and with high wooden ceilings, this market offers a diverse mix of local and national brands, from clothing to jewelry, electronics to furniture.

Tina Hirsch, market manager at Wyandotte, said she encourages companies and organisations to invest in farmers markets by sponsoring activities, setting up stalls and providing information. She added that everyone knows their role, whether it's a community event, a cross-promotion business or residents who are proud of their local purchases. Ask the shop owners and they will be unanimous in their response: "Good to have the doors open again.

Since its incorporation in 1867, downtown Wyandotte has always attracted people from other communities, he said. The waterfront and frequent community events have helped draw people to the area, and the market offerings have attracted customers from as far away as New York, New Jersey, California and Florida, she said, as well as from other parts of the country.

Wyandotte is approaching the goal of "whiskey in the water" with new stores and events, she said. She said a plan to make this possible was in the works and had raised enough money to lure the company, but not as much money as the original plan.

Willow Tree House will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., while Abundant Living will be open until midnight, with opening hours adjusted as needed, Gruber said. Much of downtown Wyandotte's history, which has become a destination, dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, when the post-industrial decline began to hit Downriver's former industrial areas hard. Since then, much of the remaining industry has been insignificant, with the notable exception being in Wy., and on the city's northern waterfront, according to a report by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

In the past two years, the self-proclaimed "Downriver City" has opened nearly a dozen new stores, he said. In addition to bars and restaurants, downtown Wyandotte has places to learn and decorate pottery, shops selling kayaks and river tours, and a number of restaurants and bars. Gruber said the city also has the first floor of a downtown building that was cleared out of the way to keep businesses in the area.

When Chelsea closed after Tuesday's opening, Riddell said, the store sold only a small fraction of what it normally does. Several local stores, including three within Wyandotte blocks, wasted no time in taking advantage of the goods as customers entered and shopped. Grant, who only shops at Aldi, said he was glad he got the chance to look around the crowded store. He also mentioned the fact that shops were crowded to hear about the power that Aldwych's Southgate store had on Tuesday night, which may have driven people to the Wy andotte stores.

Rose had help Tuesday at the store from employee Jan Brown, who said she had returned from a two-week vacation with her husband and two children.

Rose has owned and operated the women's fashion and design business since 1968. Located in a small shopping mall on the east side of the city, north of downtown, it is part of a brick and mortar market that connects travel markets that stop in downtown as well as other parts of Michigan and the state.

Located on the corner of Bondie and 8th Streets, F.O.P. Park has a shaded playground with a covered gazebo and toilets. This small park on the east side of the city, north of downtown, near the intersection of 6th Street and North Drive, features picnic tables, a picnic table and a playground for children and adults.

In its early days, Wyandotte served as the site of a factory that produced high-quality steel, and later became the home of the Michigan Alkali Company, which specialized in sodium-based products such as baking soda. In 1926 Henry Ford founded the Wy andotte Hospital, and in 1962 the first World Exposition of Industrial Products was held here in the United States.

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