Wyandotte Michigan Restaurants

Here is a list of Metro Detroit restaurants that offer a cozy, warm igloo dining experience. Camp Ticonderoga is located on Square Lake and Long Lake Roads and has served Pulled Pork Sandwiches and certified Black Angus burgers since 1996. The restaurant's menu consists of a wide range of dishes, including a certified Angus black steak and a well-known entree panini.

The restaurant menu includes a wide range of dishes such as burgers, sandwiches and Bebe rolls, as well as a variety of salads and pasta.

They have industrial heaters and gas fireplaces to keep you cozy while enjoying your meal outside. In addition to this list, you can find and support other restaurants that are struggling with the pandemic and offer safe food, from heated tents to igloos and opentable.com. To make a reservation or dine at one of the many other great restaurants in Wyoming, Michigan, call the restaurant by clicking on the links below.

These are some of the only options local restaurants can offer their customers in the midst of a natural disaster.

More About Wyandotte

More About Wyandotte