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Downstream resident Les Molnar (left) and his wife Maria laugh as they take a photo in Sibley Gardens in Trenton. R.P. forgot Brownie points for publishing the Detroit Free Press that day in the peasant's bedroom.

It would be very difficult to list all the care services, large and small, that we have provided over the past year. I am amazed that someone takes so much time and does everything to bring a free box of feed. Kevin has found his way and brings us free boxes of food and feed tubes.

Meeting the care needs of my mother and sister is unlike any other agency that tries to provide the 24-hour care that is required. The attention to detail is outstanding and Jeff has always responded to unexpected requests and done everything in his power to ensure high quality care.

At SYNERGY HomeCare, the safety and well-being of our customers and support staff has always been our top priority. Our team goes one step further to provide security to the customer and his or her family.

A compassionate care team will listen to you and plan a free home care consultation for you. If you are looking for additional help for a loved one who needs additional help, it is important to have a team with a compassionate and professional side.

If someone you know is willing to commit to this program by giving you an hour of his time once a week for a period of six weeks, please contact him.

Send us your eating tips and let us provide you with a free assessment of home care or talk to a member of the care team.

We are a on-call specialist who helps the citizens of Downriver to get the help they need. We look after our team of carers and look after my 96-year-old mother. Our actual carers are sensitive and efficient, always looking at what else needs to be done, and they really care about my mother's well-being - being. You would want the care, compassion and everything you want from a carer of our services.

Indeed, our steady success over the years may be primarily due to our aversion to this trend.

Television in Trenton got a more upscale version in the mid-1990s, and delis have been enjoying a bit of a revival lately. It is an all-day affair, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on chessboards - with tables surrounded by stalls. The curved central bar is flanked by brown leather booths that stand in front of a crimson windowless dining room, perfect for stepping into kitschy terrain. If it's a slow day on the water, you can admire a colourful boat painting on the wall inside.

Give your eyes time to get used to the dimly lit dining room and you'll see waiters dressed in tuxedos come across guests in much more casual attire.

The ambience is upscale but nonetheless informal, and the wine list is one of the most extensive in the area, both in terms of layout and menu. There is also a wide selection of desserts on one plate, as well as a wide selection of starters and desserts. If you skip the flaming dessert prepared at the table, you'll be spoiled with a complimentary bowl of fruit and nuts to aid digestion (as any good-natured waiter will tell you). When we got hungry, there were many other options for dessert, such as cheese, chocolate and pastries.

Add to that the warm and genuine hospitality of the people behind the counter and you have a proven recipe for longevity. Come and stay for the warmth, the genuine welcome and the good food, as well as the excellent wine list and upcoming events.

The food offers a solid interpretation of the expected classics, including goulash served in a steaming cauldron suspended over a Sterno flame, and some of the best cabbage roulade we've ever had in a restaurant. We recommend it if you are looking for something different in the market, but are still hearty and hearty enough for the family.

The Wyandotte Youth Assistance Program is a community program sponsored by the City of Wyandotte and serves as a diversion program for youth. The distribution of surplus food is available to all Wyandottes who qualify for free or inexpensive food stamps, pantries and grocery stores. For the qualified, there is a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Depending on needs and availability, the following services can be offered: food stocks, grocery stores, community centers, schools, health clinics and other services.

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More About Wyandotte